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What folks say...

We love hearing from our families in Wyoming County, PA!

Rebecca Corby says:

In the few short months since the Pre-K Counts Program has started, I have seen some big changes in my son Owen, both socially and academically. Prior to starting the program, it always took him a while to settle into any new environment and feel comfortable around new people. I am pleasantly surprised at how quickly he adapted to the new routines in the Pre-K Counts classroom and began talking of the "new friends" he made. When I pick him up at the end of the day, he is excited to tell me about the new songs he has learned, children he has played with, and activities he has completed throughout the day. I have also seen growth in Owen's academic skills. He is now consistently identifying the letters of the alphabet and the sounds that they make. When we practive the letter. Owen counts objects ( beyond ten) and will show me the correct number of fingers as he is counting. I have seen improvement in his fine motor skills as well, beginning to write the letters inhis name and to cut with scissors independently. Our family couldn't be happier with the experience in Pre-K Counts and we are grateful for the opportunity to participate in this wonderful program! Thank you to the teachers at Keystone College Children's Center, Factoryville.

Finkler Family says:

Talon has learned to write his whole name. He can recognize letters from his name in other words. Talon was always a good reads, but being in Pre-K Counts he can now identify where the book title is, author and illustrator. He is very helpful with chores around the house. Talon has learned to be more independent and try things on his own before asking for help. Talon can identify colors, numbers, and most shapes. He can count to ten, sometimes to 20, freely using one to one correspondence. Thank You Teachers at CDC Pre-K Counts

Anon says:

Steven learned about tools and hammers. The librarian from Tunkhannock Public Library came to read about community helpers. He made a book about his town. Steven also is beginning to write in a journal. I am thankful to the CDC Tunkhannock Pre-K Counts teachers for creating a desire to learn in my son.

Anon says:

I asked my child what she is learning at school. “We learned about Thanksgiving and our family.” She is identifying letters in friend’s names, “T starts with Tara, and V starts with my name. I also learned about kindness and sharing. We made turkeys with our hands, and I wrote my name, Viola!” Thank you, teachers at CDC Tunkhannock Pre-K Counts.

Roxanne Clark says:

My daughter, Vanessa, has learned so much in the few months that she has been part of the Pre-K Counts program. She has learned how to socialize with children of her own age. She has also learned how to share, which was a worry of mine before she started the program. She has learned to recognize her letters and numbers, and has actually begun to start sounding out words to determine what letters are in them. I am thankful for this program because otherwise her first interaction with children outside of her family would be kindergarten. The program means the world to Vanessa. She is so excited when it’s time for school and hates when it’s time to come home. Thank you all for everything you are doing for Vanessa at the Evans Falls Elementary Pre-K Counts program.

Anon says:

My children, Morgan and Logan are learning to how to share. They are also learning to sort things out by color and shape. Morgan is learning to do crafts and loves to show everyone at home. Logan loves to put together different puzzles at home. Thank you, teachers at the Evans Falls Elementary Pre-K Counts Program.

Anon says:

Our family is thankful for Pre-K Counts because it has given our daughter, McKenna, the opportunity to blossom while learning. We see such a difference in her personality this year. The small class size is awesome and the teachers are amazing. McKenna wakes up every day excited to go to school. She loves making new friends, learning all about her shapes, numbers and how to write her name. There are just too many things to list. I would love to see more programs like this. Thank you, teachers at the Evans Falls Elementary Pre-K Counts Program. My daughter is learning how to interact with other children. She is now writing her name with upper and lower case letters. Thanks to the teachers! (She was only using upper case.) She loves going to school every day. Thank you, teachers at the Evans Falls Elementary Pre-K Counts Program.

Anon says:

What stands out to me about Noelann’s growth is her ability to write numbers and letters. She is trying to sound out words so that she can make sentences. Sometimes she’ll surprise me by telling me what words are being read in our story time before I get to them. Thank you, teachers at the Keystone College Children’s Center, Factoryville.

Anon says:

My son Zachary loves to go to school every day, he wakes up excited every morning and can’t wait to get there. He is learning how to spell his name and what letters are in his name. He is also learning to write his name. He is learning that he has to have patience and wait his turn. He has learned to share with his sister at home as well as his classmates at school. He loves coming home and singing me the songs he has learned every day. He has learned that it is important to be nice to other people and not to hit them when he is mad, but to use his words and explain why he is mad. Thank you, teachers at the Keystone College Children’s Center, Factoryville.

Jennifer S. Zdaniewicz says:

As my son, Logan, prepares to enter Kindergarten, our family has found the H.A.N.D.S. Pre-K to Kindergarten Transition activities to be helpful in making him feel comfortable with the transition. The Kindergarten Registration fair helped him realize Kindergarten is not such a scary place because it paired fun activities with the necessary paperwork, vision and hearing screenings, meet-and-greets, etc. As parents, my husband and I were especially happy to receive the Child Identification information. We all enjoyed the Kinderclub sessions, which offered appropriate information for parents, along with planned activities for the children. The information provided for parents was helpful in reminding us of little things that are helpful for typical development. We also liked the parent-child activities and take-home ideas that were offered (we still have Logan’s life-size self-portrait hanging in our living room). Logan especially enjoyed the small group activities/centers, and was excited by the different things they did and created during that time (e.g., dish soap activity, play dough). While involved in the program, he met a friend who will attend Mill City with him. Each week he informed me of our schedule (“Don’t forget about Kinderclub on Tuesday”), so I can tell he was excited about this program. Family Fun Night was a great opportunity to introduce Logan to the school setting. We appreciated the tour and exposing Logan to the different areas of the building (e.g., Art, Library, Cafeteria, Kindergarten classroom). Logan also liked the opportunity to ride the school bus. Additionally, it was nice to have school personnel available to meet and explain their roles. Overall, the activities offered were helpful in de-mystifying Kindergarten for our son. He is excited about the transition, and has already informed people he is in Kindergarten at Mill City when asked. As a school employee, I found the experiences to be helpful, so I can only imagine the impact for parents who may be unfamiliar with the school experience. Thank you so much for offering such wonderful activities. When I was hired in Tunkhannock, the superintendent at the time informed me, “If it doesn’t happen in the school, it doesn’t often happen in this community”. Over ten years later, I couldn’t agree more. I hope this program is able to continue to offer these wonderful transition activities in the years to come.